Fireside Talks

Fireside Talks

14 Episodes

Enjoy exclusive access to the latest Fireside Talks with Tracy and various leaders in health and wellness (like Dr. Oz!).

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Fireside Talks
  • Fireside Talk with Danny Seo

    Episode 1

    Danny Seo joins Tracy this month in the kitchen, but here's the surprise - they aren't cooking food! Instead, they are cooking up some of Danny's all-star "Do Just One Thing" tips. Here you will discover and learn several quick, modern, "who knew" pointers to live a more green, healthier, and hap...

  • Fireside Talk with Tracy Anderson

    Episode 2

    The Fireside Talk tables are turned this month - on Tracy! Our Chief Communications Officer, Steven Beltrani sits down with Tracy to ask her the questions that haven't been asked before. This exclusive, and personal interview is one that you won't want to miss.

  • Fireside Talk with Irving Fain, CEO and Co-Founder of Bowery Farming

    Episode 3

    Welcome to the farming of the future! If fresh, non-GMO produce is important to you (it should be!), then this Fireside Talk is a must-watch. Join Tracy and Irving Fain, CEO and Co-Founder of Bowery Farming, as they discuss the latest ways produce is farmed. Technology and controlled indoor envir...

  • Fireside Talk with Dr. Sherry Sami

    Episode 4

    You'll want to save a few extra pages in your notebook this month. Tracy's interview with Dr. Sherry Sami was so engaging that it is our most extensive Fireside Talk yet! Throughout this intimate conversation, Tracy and Dr. Sami discuss topics such as raising consciousness, what "mothering" reall...

  • Fireside Talk with Tracy Stoloff, Night Owl Baker

    Episode 5

    Throughout this Fireside Talk, you will learn about the health benefits of the "slow rise" technique of fermentation and how it boosts your immune system and digestive process. Here, Tracy and Tracy also discuss gluten and the best ways to select foods without jeopardizing your health.

  • Fireside Talk featuring Erin Isikoff and Suri Kasirer

    Episode 6

    In honor of back to school, Tracy has invited two A+ Master Class students Erin Isikoff and Suri Kasirer into her home for this month's Fireside Talk. When they aren’t in our studios, both of these women are showing up for their businesses, their families, and their communities with just as much ...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Laura Lipsky of The Trauma Stewardship Institute

    Episode 7

    Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is the founder and director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute in Seattle, where she works to raise awareness about the cumulative toll on people exposed to suffering, hardship, crisis, and trauma as they care for humans, other living beings, or the planet itself.

    In ...

  • Fireside Talk with Jessica Arden

    Episode 8

  • Fireside Talk featuring Shaman Durek

    Episode 9

    A spiritual guide and gifted healer, Shaman Durek acts as a mediator or ‘bridge’ between the spiritual and physical planes, applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people's lives.

    This month, Tracy ...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Yung Pueblo

    Episode 10

    “It is through the observation of all that we are and accepting what we observe with honesty and without judgement that we can release the tension that creates delusions in the mind and walls in the heart.” – Yung Pueblo

    Diego Perez is a meditator, writer, and speaker who is most widely known ...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Dr. Jonathan Aviv

    Episode 11

    Dr. Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS author of the "The Acid Watcher Diet: A 28-Day Reflux Prevention and Healing Program" is a world-renowned physician, surgeon, educator and author. He is the clinical director of the Voice and Swallowing Center of ENT and Allergy Associates. Dr. Aviv is also clinical p...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

    Episode 12

    Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes is a leading Psychologist with a private practice in New York City for the past 15 years. Her practice consists of older adolescents and adults. She provides individual as well as marital, family and group psychotherapy. In addition, Dr. Binder-Brynes is a leading expert i...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Episode 13

    This month's Fireside Talk is with the one and only, Dr. Mehmet Oz! Watch as Tracy turns the interview tables on the set of The Dr. Oz Show, and asks America's beloved cardiothoracic surgeon and Columbia University professor all the things we want to know - exclusively for TA Real Time Premium su...

  • Fireside Talk featuring Dr. Erin McGintee

    Episode 14

    Tracy talks with Dr. Erin McGintee about food allergies, sensitivities, and the immune system.

    A message from Tracy:

    I decided to take off my personal belief hat and bring forward different specialists for all of you - all while asking questions I wanted to ask, as well as some that I felt ...